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Glucose Peptone Agar - HiMedia Laboratories
Glucose peptone Agar is recommended for general cultivation of wide variety of microorganisms. As it is rich in nutrients can also serve as excellent basal medium for glucose blood agar. With addition of suitable indicator, this medium can be used for the detection and cultivation of thermophilic organisms, associated with ...
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Cornmeal Agar - USDA ARS
peptone. 20.0 g glucose. 15.0 g agar. Cook cornmeal in 500 ml water for 1 h at 60˚C. Add agar, peptone and dextrose in 500 ml water. Filter cornmeal mix through cheesecloth. Combine liquids, adjust volume to 1000 ml. Autoclave. NOTE: ARSEF routines uses a commercial preparation of this medium rather than making it ...
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CBS List of Media
Media are sterilized by autoclaving at 121 C for 15 minutes, unless stated otherwise. Formulae for extracts and additives (when complex) are given separately. Acer tw ig sliced twig of 7 or 8 cm long water per tube. 6 ml. Sterilize 60 minutes at 120 C (1 atm). ARCH (Archimycetes agar) peptone. 2 g malt extract . 3 g glucose. 5.
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85. glucose peptone medium - DSMZ
2007 DSMZ GmbH - All rights reserved. 85. GLUCOSE PEPTONE MEDIUM. Yeast extract. 10.0 g. Bacto peptone (Difco). 20.0 g. Glucose. 10.0 g. CaCO3. 10.0 g. Agar. 15.0 g. Distilled water. 1000.0 ml.
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peptone yeast glucose broth - Thermo Fisher Scientific
PEPTONE YEAST GLUCOSE BROTH. INTENDED USE. Remel Peptone Yeast Glucose (PYG) Broth is a liquid medium recommended for use in qualitative procedures to determine the fermentation reactions and metabolic end products of anaerobic bacteria. SUMMARY AND EXPLANATION. Anaerobic infections can  ...
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852. gyp glucose-yeast-peptone medium - DSMZ
Glucose. 20 g. Yeast extract. 10 g. Peptone (tryptic). 10 g. Na-acetate. 10 g. Salt solution (see below). 5 ml. Distilled water. 1000 ml. Salt solution: MgSO4 x 7 H2O . 40 g. MnSO4 x 4 H2O. 2 g. FeSO4 x 7 H2O. 2 g. NaCl. 2 g. Distilled water. 1000 ml. For solid media add 10 g/l bacteriological agar. Adjust to pH 6.8.
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Recipes for Culture Media
Glucose. 20.0 g. Agar. 15.0 g. Distilled water. 1.0 L. Purpose. A general purpose sporulation medium available commercially (Difco). Preparation. Suspend 39 g .... 1 L. Also known as Sabouraud agar, Sabouraud dextrose agar or peptone glucose agar. Available commer- cially. Follow manufacturer's instructions. Purpose.
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