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CAT3616. NOTE: Unused LED channels must be connected to VOUT. 70 20 mA per LED 60. CLOCK FREQUENCY (MHz). CAT3616. TYPICAL CHARACTERISTICS.
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The CAT3616 is a high efficiency 1x/1.5x fractional charge pump with programmable dimming current in six LED channels. CAT3616. NOTE: Unused LED channels must be connected to VOUT. Figure 1. Typical Application Circuit.
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500kg (1100 lb). Power. 110 VAC / 60Hz. Air ...... Used to correctly install new style seals into 391-2227 Sea Pump. •. Guides seal and set seals ..... on engines prior to 48W-1713 in 988B Wheel Loaders — if tools are not used, gear can fall off ...
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Medium Frequency Amplifier Circuits Compared
Mark Connelly, WA1ION - 12 AUG 2003. Low-noise RF amplifiers are often needed in receiving applications when using antennas substantially smaller than what is considered efficient for a specified frequency range. Levels obtained from a given antenna may be on the verge of adequate if the...
File link: http://qsl.net/wa1ion/amp/amptests.pdf
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0.03Hz – 60Hz. DELAY TIME. 0-30s. OUTPUT... .AUDIO. 3dBm. PHONES ..... TO: LOAD (Serial Data INPUT from CMT). INTI: NOT USED. INTO: NOT USED.
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