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FS: Equipment Manuals - Tech-Archive.net
Feb 10, 2006 ... DuMont 224A Oscilloscope. DuMont 304A Oscilloscope. The DuMont manuals will be of interest to oscilloscope history buffs, they are from the ...
File link: http://sci.tech-archive.n...ment/2006-02/msg00027.pdf
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Handbook of Oscilloscope Technology
The first fully transistorized (except for input nuvistors) oscilloscope was the type 766 (25. MHz) by Fairchild/Dumont, however, of poor performance.
File link: http://w140.com/Handbook_of_Oscilloscope_Technology.pdf
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DuMont-RA-103-Sams-9.. - Early Television Foundation
Allen B. Dumont Laboratories, 2 Main Ave., Passiac, New Jersey ... RECORD CHANGER MANUAL CM-2. .... the synchronized sweep voltage from the signal generator to the horizontal input of the oscilloscope for horizontal deflection.
File link: http://www.earlytelevision.org/pdf/DuMont-RA-103-Sams-90-3.pdf
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HRSA Auction 18th April 2009, Prices realised ...
LOT 19 Motorola TV with service manual & circuit. N.. ..... LOT 135 BWD 539A dual trace oscilloscope with manual. U.. ... LOT 152 Dumont oscilloscope. U..
File link: http://www.hrsa.asn.au/hrsa-files/prices-0904.pdf
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May 2005 B-Plus - Albany Amateur Radio Association
May 21, 2005 ... For Sale: Yaesu Kilowatt-Perfect with manual. $700.; phone patch $35;Yaesu FT- 101E needs repair $100; DuMont oscilloscope with separate ...
File link: http://www.k2ct.net/bplus/bpmay05.pdf
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ALIGNMENT MANUAL. MclNTOSN mom MR-55A. AM-FM TUNER ..... " Oscilloscope," Type 274-A, Dumont. These equipments or reasonable equal should be ...
File link: http://www.mcmlv.org/Archive/HiFi/McIntosh_MR-55A_Alignment.pdf
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Fine Surplus Cathode Ray Tubes for Sale - Magnetosphere
Jan 1, 2012 ... many oscilloscope-specific types are listed, and for very good ... scope manual ( bama.edebris.com, or bama.com, etc. ..... DUMONT. $50 MIL.
File link: http://www.magnetosphere.net/sales/crt/crt_list.pdf
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Part 1 - The SETI League
L] anyone with a manual or schematics for a DuMont 304A oscilloscope or informa- tion on its filament current regulator. Arthur Katz, WZNJW, 'F804 Haymarlret.
File link: http://www.setileague.org/articles/ham/dbpart1.pdf
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MR55 instruction manual - tubebooks.org
INSTRUCTION MANUAL ... Enclosed in the instruction manual envelope are two copies of the “TUNER PANEL ..... Oscilloscope such as Dumont 274A. 6.
File link: http://www.tubebooks.org/file_downloads/McIntosh/MR55_instruction.pdf
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An Ongoing Refurb Log
A quick and dirty checkout on any oscilloscope can be done by first getting any trace at all ... repairable item is oddball enough, you can later resell the manuals. ..... with Eico or Dumont or trade school kits or similar worthless marginalia. More.
File link: http://www.tinaja.com/glib/refurblg.pdf
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