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Modal and Perfect Tenses
30 Jul 2012 ... Modal and. Perfect Tenses. Past modal perfect tense is used when it is unknown if the subject performed an action in the past, but it's possible, ...
File link: http://www.tamiu.edu/uc/w...s/VerbFormsExcercise2.pdf
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MODAL VERBS + PERFECT INFINITIVE (PI). Form: MODAL + HAVE + PAST PARTICIPLE. (jistotní modalita; epistemic modality). - modal verbs + PI are often ...
File link: http://udl.lf1.cuni.cz/Da...ve-with-modal-verbs_1.pdf
Perfect Modal Verbs Exercise - autoenglish.org
Perfect Modal Verbs Exercise. We use perfect modal verbs to speculate about the past. Check through the different uses. TYPE EXAMPLE. USE. 1. I would have ...
File link: http://www.autoenglish.org/modalverbs/gr.might.pdf
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W O R K S H E E T S - Farmacia
WORKSHEET 14 : Past Perfect Tense / Past Perfect Continuous. WORKSHEET ... WORKSHEET 38 : Modals. WORKSHEET ... WORKSHEET 56: Perfect Modals.
File link: http://farmacia.unich.it/farmacologia/didattica/inglese/worksheets.pdf
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degrees of certainty Modals; advice fftodals; criticism
Modal. Example. Cr¡ticising past behaviour should ought to. (+ perfect infinitive) .... the past. 8 You don't ............ to do Exercise D for homework. expressing a ...
File link: http://www.eoilangreo.net/ana/ni2/exercises/modals_destinations.pdf
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Inside Out Intermediate Unit 11 C
The Past Perfect simple & continuous ... Choose exercises on the PAST from : ... http://www.esl-lounge.com/student/grammar/4g66-past-modals-exercise.php.
File link: http://www.eduvs.ch/plant...ads/Year_4_Links_2013.pdf
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Advanced Language Practice
Past time. Basic contrasts: past simple and past continuous. Past perfect simple and ... Problems: reported speech with modals, with conditionals, don't think.
File link: http://intermingling.ru/books/Macmillan-Advanced_Language_Practice.pdf
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EAP 0385C
Lesson 3: Exercise 3.1 Habitual Past with Used To ______. Exercise 3.2 ... Lesson 8: Exercise 8.1 Modals and Related Expressions – an Overview ______. Exercise ... Lesson 9: Exercise 9.1 The Present Perfect Tense – An Overview ______.
File link: http://broward.edu/studen...l/Documents/eap_0385c.pdf
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Moods, voice and auxiliaries - C1 level
to help you put what you learn in practice. ... Don't forget to login to your TELL ME MORE account in order to practice all skills! ..... The past perfect modal with 'if' .
File link: http://ut20.com/files/140224171820.pdf
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Unit 8 - Cambridge University Press
3 Practice. Rewrite the following news stories in the passive voice where ... To form the passive voice of a perfect modal (modal + have + past participle), we use  ...
File link: http://www.cambridge.org/...f%3FITEM_ENT_ID%3D7412688
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